From the FL Division of Corporations

CONSUMER ALERT!   Arvitas, LLC is a private company sending e-mails to businesses in Florida offering to file annual reports.   ARVITAS IS NOT AN AGENT OR REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE FLORIDA DEPT. OF STATE, DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS.   Arvitas is acting on its own to solicit business for its own company.   It is offering to file annual reports for business entities in Florida at an inflated fee.   They do not offer any additional service than what is available to the public on   The Attorney General´s Office, on behalf of the Dept. of State, is currently legally pursuing Arvitas´ activities.

CONSUMER ALERT! Please be aware that COMPLIANCE SERVICES or CORPORATE RECORDS SERVICE (not to be confused with the Florida corporation, Compliance Services, Inc.) is mailing notices to business entities requesting that "Annual Minutes" and a fee of $125.00 be sent to them for filing. These notices are NOT from the Dept. of State, Division of Corporations. "Annual Minutes" are NOT required to be filed with any agency. They are to be kept by the business entity itself. Do NOT confuse these notices with the messages sent by the Division of Corporations reminding each business entity to file its 2013 Annual Report.